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Hello, my dear one,
First, I thank you for your reply to my e-mail, in accordance with the report that I sent to you.
How is your night in your country, ¿I believe that if you have a pleasant evening and there arthmosphere that your country is very nice today? Mine is a little hot here in Dakar, Senegal.
My name is diana koneh Johnson (23), but age is irrelevant to the real relationship, so I am confortable in your age, I was in Rwanda in West Africa, 5.4 meters high, pale skin in a single (never married) and I is currently residing in Dakar as a result of civil war was that he fought in my country a few years ago.
My father late Dr. Koneh Johnson, policies and CEO bonanza & Ind., in Kigali (Rwanda capital) before the rebels attacked our house one early morning and killed my mother and my father in cold blood. It was only me that is still alive, and now I managed to my path in the vicinity of the country, Senegal where I am leaving now as a refugee under Reverend Pastor-care, and I use the computer to send these messages you. II to learn about you more. Your advantages and disadvantages, please do not be worse for this message that comes from me, please, fair to me, is required to provide simple, I believe, due to my situation as a refugee, and I demand you know most of your conscientiousness me, I was really happy that, despite a very good position because I have confidence that I am convinced that we can not divulge that at the end. I asked because my difficault the situation in the refugee camp, as well as the prison, and I hope that by the grace of God that I will come back soon.
I have no relatives with whom I can now go to all my relatives fled in the midst of the war the only person now Rev. Peters james, who is pastor of the (CHRIST DE Savior Mission) Here in the camp was very pleasant for me I came here because I I am not living with him rather I am leaving in the women's track, because the camp has two hostels one for men, the other for women.
Shepherds Telephone number (221-777-806-224) and its e-mail address ([email protected]) .. Honey, if you call, tell him you want to talk to me that you send me in the hostel. As a refugee you have no right or privilledge any case, whether money or anything, because it is contrary to the laws of this country. My I love to go back to my studies because I took part in only my first year before the incident traggic which led my in this situation has now occurred.
Please listen to this (please, this is a secret, nobody even knows that the Reverend acept knows about it), I was late to my father, a statement of account and death certificate here with me, I will send the latter case, because when has been kept alive a certain amount of money in front of foreign banks, which use my name as next of kin, the amount of $ 3.7 (Three million Seven hundred thousand USDollars).
So I will be glad and willing to help transfer money to your account and you can send money to my travel documents and tickets to meet you. I kept secret that people in the camp here the only person who knows how is the Reverend because it's the father me.So in the light of the above, and you will be glad for myself and not say that for someone who feared for his life will lose money if it gets out to people you know it .
Remember me to bring you any information with regard to confidence and overthrown on you. I like honest and understanding people, true and human vision, hardworking and God fearing people. My favorite language is English, but our language is French, but fluently. Meanwhile speak English will be very pleased, call me, as I said, "I have a lot to say you.Attached here is my picture.I send more in my next mail.Have nice day and think about me.Awaiting to hear from the nearest you.
Yours sincerely
Miss diana

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Ten cuidado con este tipo de mails, se trata de una estafa que circula, es normal, tiene años, pensé que había ya desaparecido, cambian de nombre y te dan teléfonos para que veas que son reales, pero no lo son.
Te piden que envies dinero, en fin estafa pura.
Si aun así quieres que lo traduzca... me avisas.
Si por favor traducela para ver cual es el modus operandis
Mi gran querido, Primero, le agradezco por su respuesta a mi correo electrónico, conforme al informe que le envié. ¿Cómo es su noche en su país, creo que si usted tiene una tarde agradable y allí el ambiente de su país es muy agradable hoy? El mío está un poco caliente aquí en Dakar, Senegal. Mi nombre es Diana Koneh Johnson (23), pero la edad es irrelevante a la verdadera relación, entonces conforme a su edad, yo estaba en Ruanda en el Oeste.
Mido 5.4 metros de alto (eso dice en el texto original, no es mi error) soy pálida y no me he casado actualmente vivo en Dakkar ya que hubo guerra civil en mi país.
... la verdad es una tonteria seguir traduciendo esto, es absurdo,: pero te doy sus datos más "importantes" su padre es el Dr. Koneh Johnson, que trabaja en CEO bonanza & Ind., en Kigali, capital de Ruanda. Narra una historia cursi de que es refugiada, su padre esta enfermo, etc... que trabaja con el reverendo Peters para una misión cristiana, de chofer, en el campo.
El teléfono del "pastor" es 221-777-806-224 y su e-mail [email protected]
Que le llames, por que eres su amor, que le digas al reverendo que te busque, que el no sabe de su papa, pero que le piden a ella 3.7 millones de dólares para salvarlo y que ella quiere irse de ahi para estudiar, así que te pide que le mandes dinero, y boletos de avión para irse contigo a vivir.
Que ya te mando la foto y te mandara más y que habla inglés y francés...
Vaya, ya cambiaron el sistema, antes solo pedian dinero, ahora son más sofisticados en su basura, en fin amigo, cumpli con avisarte, si tu le sigues el juego, ya es cosa tuya, suerte! Te pido califiques esta respuesta para que no se me acumulen.
jajajajajaja gracias amigo, eso si que estuvo bueno! Me da mucha risa como tratan de engañar a las personas de esa manera..... Gracias por la ayuda Suerte..!

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