What are the best, short hair styles?

First of all, healthy beautiful hair is in fashion in every season, so after the winter cold, you should slightly strengthen your hair, revive and “feed” with masks, and after rushing to the salon to make a new trendy haircut.

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Well, it is a matter of taste mostly. Still, I have that asymmetrical bob https://glaminati.com/asymmetrical-bob/  and it works pretty well for me. An asymmetrical bob is peculiar with its diagonal line that goes from long and to short or vice versa, to put it in other words, one of its front sides is longer, comparing to the other. It can be non-layered, but it also can be stacked in its back part. So, I guess you can give it a try. Best of luck


Short haircuts are best for the women who want to experiment and try something new. Short hair is an ideal way to reinvent your look and embrace different styles on a regular basis. The scope for experimentation with short hair increases considerably. Also short hair is relatively easy to maintain. Two of the most popular and easy to achieve short hairstyles are-
1. Mohawk – This is great for women with dry and fine hair.
2. Wavy, symmetrical hairstyle – This style is easy to achieve and is suitable for all hair textures. You can use hairspray to attain hold for a long time.


Thank you for telling me about it! But you know, I have already decided on a hairstyle and I would like to find good examples of hairstyles to choose the most suitable option for myself!


Nowadays there are many different types of hairstyles. I wanted to find a senegalese twist, as I really liked this kind of hairstyle. On this site https://lovehairstyles.com/senegalese-twist-ideas/ I was able to find a lot of examples of such a hairstyle and thanks to this, I will be able to repeat it on my own! This is very unusual!

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