How do I track a phone using app or site?

¿How do I track a phone using app or site?

It really depends on what you want to achieve. If you are trying to track location to share with family and friends, there are many location tracker apps to choose from in both app stores. Below link takes you to the location tracker apps in Google Play store. 

No. Everyone wants money. Most of this usage is companies tracking fleet drivers, and they have money.

Oh, you can’t get the location of a cell phone without installing (or activating) something on the phone. Cell phone companies can get the location, but it is very approximate and this usage is heavily restricted.

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There are a lot of apps for that. Try to use this cell phone tracker . This is a smartphone monitoring software that tracks the location of the target device and all other user actions on the phone of interest. I have been using it for a couple of months already and should say it works pretty well for me. Cheers


You don't need any app to track you phone as you can check your gmail account linked devices any time through google accounts.

Google has made an app named “find my device” exclusively to track your device. Here you will also get features like ring ur device, erase your phone content and lock your device.


Very useful information for my work, looking forward to your sharing more.

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