Hat are the best looking guy's hairstyles?

There is no “best” hairstyle over all for men.

Looks is a matter of perspective which can vary from person to person.

Though I will give you good hairstyles for every face shape, so you can see and try for yourself.

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Hi, In such cases I recommend some cool haircuts for men with thick hair as they look simply amazing. Thick hair is when your single hair is thick or wide itself, whereas dense hair means that you have a full head of hair. No matter whether it is short or long, it is best when your thick hair is cut in layers, which reduces weight while retaining volume. Hope it will make sense for you


To me, the hairstyles that look good on guys, are the hairstyles that involve having hair to begin with. A full head of hair, preferably.

Bald looks good on older rugged looking guys, or black dudes of any age.

Young baby faced/prettyboy white guys that try to emulate the bald peanut-head rapper look is a no no, in terms of aesthetics


Nowadays there are many different types of hairstyles. I wanted to find a senegalese twist, as I really liked this kind of hairstyle. On this site https://lovehairstyles.com/senegaleseno comtwistno comideas/ I was able to find a lot of examples of such a hairstyle and thanks to this, I will be able to repeat it on my own! This is very unusual!

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