How do I find a good construction contractor for a home renovation project?

Interested in the uk area.

Building a home will be a great investment and dream of their life for most of the people. It is really important to choose the best building contractor for this work. Choosing the right, trustworthy professional contractor or builder for constructing your dream home is really important. You will be more likely to work for 6-12 months with him.

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Hi, check out my favorite Fittra, one of the best refurbishment company london. I had great experience with Fittra team from start to finish. Very flexible and responsive to all our requests for change during the design phase. Materials were shipped and delivered as promised. Everything absolutely top quality. We love our cottage very much now


1. Get Multiple Estimates

Try to obtain written estimates from at least three general contracting companies. A good estimate will contain details of the work for the project, all the materials required, the labour needed, the timeline for the work and completion date.

2. Professional Qualifications

Make sure the company is a registered business that is bonded, insured, and licensed in your area, which means the contractor has passed a test and knows local building codes and permits.

3. Check references from previous customers

Your contractor should have "before" and "after" photos of home renovations done which are similar to yours.

Talk to referrals from the contractor of previous customers.

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