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Espero que andes bien.
Andaba buscando el tìtulo o autor de un tema lento, cantado en inglès POR UNA MUJER, de los años 90`s y que el estribillo dice :"... Only words again..."o"all the words again..."

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Aqui esta lo que me pedias
Artista : Spagna
Canción : Only Words
Album: No Way Out
Año: 1991
Esta es la letra completa:
Every day you put me down
Givin' me a world of lies and then
you try to run me round
and now I'm here all alone again
told you this one million times
Darlin' all I need is just the truth
No charity or lies
But now I'm tired of believin' you
Baby everywhere I go
It's rain and tears coz I'm still needin' you
don't give me any more excuses
i've heard them all before only words only words
so with or without you
oh I know my heart will mend
I know it's not easy (to leave you)
But you told me lies (only words again)
I feel I'm slidin' down
Drownin' in a sea of memories
but I won't call you no
You had your way this time it's up to me
Baby everywhere I go
Rain and tears fall coz I'm still needin' you
don't give me any more excuses
I've heard them all before
Don't you give me only words

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Respiró hondo y se inclinó un poco para poder hablarle al oído. Bailaban un tema lento, pero El Gato Negro, como todos los viernes por la noche, estaba lleno.


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