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ActionScript started as an object-oriented language for Macromedia's Flash authoring tool, now developed by Adobe Systems as Adobe Flash. It was introducing in 1997.

ActionScript was used primarily for the development of websites and software targeting the Adobe Flash Player platform, used on Web pages in the form of embedded SWF files.

It was initially designed for controlling simple 2D vector animations made in Adobe Flash .

ActionScript 1.0

With the release of Flash 5, it presented in September 2000 actionscript´s version 1.0.

This was the first version of ActionScript  was influencing the JavaScript code.

ActionScript was could now also be typed with a text editor rather than being assembled by choosing actions from drop-down lists and dialog box controls. With the next release of its authoring tool. It Provided prototype-based programming and loose type system feature.

ActionScript 2.0

It introduced in September 2003 with the release of Flash MX 2004 and its corresponding player, Flash Player 7.

ActionScript 2.0 supports all the standard elements of the ActionScript language; it was writting scripts that more closely adhere to standards used in other object-oriented languages, such as Java.

This code was interested primarily to intermediate or advanced Flash developers, who was building applications that requirian the implementation of classes and subclasses.

ActionScript 3.0

Introduced in June 2006 with release of Adobe Flash Player 9 and Adobe Flex 2.0. ActionScript 3.0 brought the core language aspects of ActionScript 2.0 into compliance with the ECMAScript standard and introduces some areas of new or enhanced functionality. All of these features were discussing in comprehensive detail

ActionScript 3.0 was a restructuring fundamental of the language, so much so that it uses an entirely different virtual machine. Flash Player 9 contains two virtual machines and added limited support for hardware acceleration.

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Ice, salt, and snow crunched under my shoes as I opened the door for Ellie. I held her hand as she stepped out of the warmth of our car, onto the icy pavement. We both had our dress shoes on, the hard soles making it difficult to plant our feet firmly as we walked. The crunches of our footsteps accentuated the sounds of crackling tree branches in the frigid air. We stepped onto a lighted flagstone path; the walkway had been shoveled and salted before our arrival.
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We had attended a Christmas party earlier that evening and Ellie suggested we stop at Jason and Anne's house before retiring for the night. It was early enough, and I looked forward to loosening my tie and kicking off my shoes with a nightcap in front of the fire with our oldest and best friends.
Shortly after ringing the bell, a bellow of warm air greeted us as Anne opened the door. Her dark hair framed her sparkling brown eyes and beautiful smile. She looked adorable in her dark floral evening dress, which contrasted with her tan Mediterranean complexion.
"Hey, guys," Anne greeted as she held the door open for us, "C'mon in!"
"Hi Annie," Ellie met Anne's embrace with a kiss, "Man, it is cold out there."
"Merry Christmas," I gave Anne a hug and kiss, "It's beautiful and warm in here." I smelled fresh pine and a fire, and noticed a Christmas tree in the living room with a warm, glowing fire in the fireplace. "Perfect!" Our kiss was a quick brush, but the feel her soft lips and the gentle scent of her golden brown hair lingered. I watched her as she took our coats to another room, admiring the back of her figure, as I loosened my tie.
"Hi, Sweetie!" Jason welcomed Ellie into the kitchen where he was making drinks. I took my eyes off Anne to watch Ellie stride down the hall toward Jason. She was wearing her tailored black leather pants and high-heeled boots, showing off her long legs and shapely bottom. Ellie's long strawberry blonde hair flowed over her tight gray and white sweater, accentuating her shapely form. She turned heads all night at the Christmas party and Jason was more than happy to give this statuesque beauty a kiss and warm hug
Our friendship with Jason and Anne has lasted since college, through weddings, kids, vacations, and holidays. We had also shared bad times; dealing with illnesses, marriage and family issues, and loss of loved ones. Our life stories entwined to forge a solid, respectful, and very platonic relationship. We were always comfortable and open with each other. Always focusing on humor in life and sharing laughs, as well as providing shoulders on which to cry.


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