Amity University has made great strides in supporting the internationalization of the campus.

Amity University has made great strides in supporting the internationalization of the campus. The aim is to create a multicultural environment that allows for a truly international and collaborative learning process. Highlighting

Beautiful modern smart campus with an area of ​​100 acres with a campus hostel for 1000 places for boys and girls.

400+ renowned professors and scientists.

50+ Hi-Tech Labs and a library with more than 35,000 books, 17,000+ online magazines and 200 publications

Collaborate with IBM, Oracle, Sun Microsystems Best engineering college in india and develop students' technical skills

5-Acre sports complex with facilities such as a tennis court, football pitch, cricket pitch.

Multi-cuisine cafe, Amul Ice Cream Parlor, ATM, Salon, Laundry, 24x7 campus clinic

Comprehensive industrial integration through Corporate Lecture Series, Industry Visits, Live Projects, Industry Focus Seminars, Industry Mentoring, faculty visits from various industries, Corporate Meets and CEO Lecture Series400 + Distinguished Faculty & Scientists.

Learn through case studies, business games and quizzes, simulations, industry / field visits, workshops

Amity's innovation incubator on campus to support the entrepreneurial talent of students with more than 200 incubated startups

Study opportunities abroad on Amita's campuses in New York, Singapore, Mauritius and Dubai

Military training for students to develop their personalities

Up to 100% scholarships

Unrivaled industrial exposure

Amity University blends teach students to improve their core competencies and implement new solutions to real-world problems. The focus of the programs is to prepare each graduate branch and expose them to the latest learning in business dynamics. Innovative learning pedagogy, centers of excellence, study programs abroad, foreign languages​​and broad industrial integration are some of the promises of the setting.

The Amity Corporate Resource Center acts as an interface between students, faculty, and the business community to initiate ongoing industry interaction, share industry experience, understand industry needs, and provide the necessary support in the business world. At Amity University, regular interactions with business leaders and marketing gurus allow students to gain insight and knowledge beyond the ordinary. Amita students meet industry leaders regularly through the CEO Forum, CEO Dinner Series and Corporate Mentoring Programs.

PHOTO PHOTO Amity Innovation Incubator - Develops students' entrepreneurial talent PHOTO

Amity Innovation Incubator is a groundbreaking concept in the context of Indian universities. Supported by DST, the Ministry of Science and Technology, GOI, the 'Amity Innovation Incubator' has in an short period of existence an interesting position in itself with start-ups that always change and recognize at the top of the curve. On platforms like The The Power of Ideas ’, winner of the Red Herring Global, Tata NEN and the NASSCOM Innovation Awards, to name a few.

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 It has been a long journey to reach this point. It started with the first batch of international students that came to Amity University from different parts of the world. These students were provided with all possible support and assistance in order to adjust themselves to our system and learn new things about life in America. From that moment on, Amity University started offering a wide range of courses that are useful for students who are planning to study abroad. Special focus on using platforms like was also given. Today, we can say that Amity University has become one of the best universities in America that offers courses taught in the English language which makes it easier for students from different countries to study abroad at Amity University.


Amity University has made great strides in supporting the internationalization of the campus. I can say that at you learn help with assignments. More Among other initiatives, the university runs a lot of programs to ease the process of getting acclimated: orientation, foundation classes, and guest lectures and workshops. The International Center has a number of resources available like free legal counseling, visa services and seminars on applying for visas.


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Amity University is a private university in Amityville, New York. It was founded in the year 1971. The school offers undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields of study including business administration, computer science, education, engineering and law. Visit this sea moss for best reviews. The university has a total enrollment of more than 10,000 students at its three campuses located in Amityville, Westbury and Woodbury.


Amity University has made great strides in supporting the internationalization of the campus. I suggest you check aviation assignment help and get more updates to manage your study work. As Amity has grown in size and reputation, it has sought to be more accessible to students from around the world. By offering many courses in English, we hope to attract more international students wishing to pursue an undergraduate education at Amity.


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