Las navidades en españa

Necesito una carta en inglés a un amigo extraterrestre, explicandole las navidades en españa.
Y otra redacción en inglés sobre que le preguntarias a un antepasado, como si fuese una entrevista. Mi nivel de inglés es d 2 de bachiller

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Te copio aquí las dos cosas que me has pedido. He intentado escribirlas en un estilo simple, que pueda parecer del nivel que me dices. A ver qué tal. Saludos,
El Gos Coix
Dear friend:
Here in Spain Christmas time lasts from 24th December until 6th January. During these days most people put a crib somewhere at home. This is a nativity scene made of small figurines of Jesus, the Virgin, Saint Joseph, a mule and an ox. Perhaps shepherds and other characters, too. On Christmas Eve all the family gets together to have dinner. At midnight people go to mass to celebrate Baby Jesus's birth. On Christmas day all the members of the familiy also have lunch together. 28th December is the Holy Innocents day. That day people play jokes on everybody. On New Year's Eve, after dinner, everybody eats twelve grapes to welcome the new year, one with each of the strokes of a clock at midnight. Finally, on the evening of 5th January, the Three Wise Men and their retinue arrive loaded with presents for everybody, especially for children. They leave the presents inside each house, and they are found the following morning.
Dear great-great-grandfather:
I would have liked to have met you. I would like to ask you many questions, because I imagine that everything was very different when you were here. ¿What would you think if I told you that nowadays we can travel by car at 120 kilometres per hour and even more? They aren't carriages with horses any more. Now they work with gas! Another example: ¿How would you say if I tell you that now I can write a message for someone and that he will receive it almost at the same time I send it? And that we can talk with a person anywhere in the world by telephone, ¿and that we can carry one of these telephones in out pocket? Another thing that you haven't heard about is the television. It is something like a box with a screen, and you can see everything there: the news, soccer matches, films, the weather forecast... I am sure you would be very surprised if you could be here. I would also like to have been with you in the past. I would be very surprised, too.

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