El viernes tengo un examen de inglés, writting, y tengo que hacer una redacción sobre una chica utilizando relativos, pasiva, distintos tiempos.. Estoy en 1º bachillerato, tampoco tiene que ser una cosa.. Una redaccion normalita pero bien hecha.

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Te mando una breve redacción, a ver si te sirve. He metido varios tiempos verbales, una pasiva y algún relativo, y he intentado que sea más o menos simple, sin frases rebuscadas.
El Gos Coix
I had not seen this girl since last summer. I thought I would never see her again. But last week, as I was walking on the street, I saw her. She was with another girl. What was she doing in this town? She had changed a lot. I remembered her brown hair and her black eyes. So I could not believe it when I saw this blonde girl with bue eyes, who seemed to recognize me, too. We didn't speak. But this morning I have seen her once more. With the same friend. We have talked. She has told me that she lives now in this town, and that she has had her hair dyed and that she wears blue contact lenses. I was disappointed, because I liked her as she was last summer. While we talked I looked at her friend, who was smiling on me. She had brown hair and black eyes. So now I am looking forward to meeting her again. Not the girl I knew. Her friend.

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