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Necesito que me ayude en el siguiente test, son 20 preguntas con 3 opciones a respuesta correcta ( a, b, c. Seria de gran ayuda para mí que me mandara las respuestas ( para aclararme me puede mandar, por ejemplo: 1a. 2c, 3b. Etc..) Gracias y espero q no sea mucha molestia
1) Choose between Present Perfect and Past Simple. "He...(do) alot of stupid things in his life. For example, he...(leave) school last year.
a) did/left
b) has done/ has left
c) has done/ left
2) Choose the most suitable future tense: A) Look! That car ins on fire! B) I...(call) the fire brigade".
a) am going to call
b) will call
c) am calling
3) Articles: " I´ m intereested in... Nature"
a) The
b) a
c) --
4) Articles:" ... Women in our family are taller than... Men"
a) the/ the
b) a/a
c) --/--
5)Chose the right expression: " They don´t understand...."
a) anything
b) nothing
c) something
6) Present Perfect Simple or Continuous: " It...( rain) since Monday. It...(rain) quite a lot"
a)Has been raining/ has rained
b) has rained/ has been raining
c) have been raining/ have rained
7) Choose the right order:
a) She walks often paecefully in the morning through the park
b) She often wlks paecefully through the park in the morning
c) She often wlaks in the morning paecefully through the park
8) Complete with infinitive or gerund: I didn´t use to... Early but i´m used to... Early now"
a) getting up/ get up
b) getting up/ getting up
c/ get up/ getting up
9) Choose the most suitable future form: " It´s too late. When we arrive a the airport, the plene...(take) off"
a) Will have taken
b) will be taking
c) will take
10) Complete the dialogue: " They went to the cinema last night"
a) So we did
b) So went we
c) So did we
11) Complete the dialogue: " I´m not married"
a) Nor am I
b) Nor I am
c) Neither I´m not
12) Which one is the right translation: " Los restaurantes se están poniendo cada vez más caros"
a) Restaurants are getting more and more expensive
b) Restaurants are getting more expensive
c) Restaurants are getiing the more expensive
13) Which one is the right translation: " Cuanta más gente venga a la fiesta, más divertida será"
a) More people come to the party, funnier it will be
b) The more people come to the party, the funnier it will be
c) More and more people come to the party, funnier and funnier it will be.
14) Choose the passive. " They have brooken a new record""
a) A new record have been broken
b) A new record has been broken by them
c) A new record has been broken.
15) Choose the most suiable passive: " They told me the news"
a) The news were told to me
b) I was told the news
The news was told to me
16) Translate. "Nos han pintado nuestra casa"
a) We have painted our house
b) They have painted our house for us
c) We have our house painted
17) Reported speech. She said: " I didn´t like this cake yesterday"
a) She said (that) I hadn´t lilked that cake the day before
b) She said (that) she hadn´t liked this cake yasterday
She said (that) she hadn´t liked that cake the day before.
18) Reporte speech. I asked him: " What time does the film start?
a) I asked him what time started the film
b) I asked him if the film started
c) I asked him what time the film started
19) Complete the sentence: I can´t study. I´m... Tired"
a) To
b) too
c) enough
20) Complete the sentence: " There isn´t... Sugar in my coffee"
a) To
b) too
c) enough

4 respuestas

Te doy las respuestas:
1c, 2b, 3c, 4a, 5a, 6a, 7b, 8c, 9a, 10c, 11a, 12a, 13b, 14c, 15b, 16b*, 17c, 18c, 19b, 20c.
* Tengo una duda con ésta. La manera buena de decirlo sería "We have had our house painted", que no es ninguna de las tres opciones. La más parecida es la c, aunque falta el "had". Según está, la traducción de la c sería "Nos pintan nuestra casa", en presente (aunque la forma lógica de decirlo en presente sería "Nos están pintando nuestra casa"). La respuesta b significa lo mismo que la frase en español, pero dicho de una forma, digamos, algo ortopédica, pero dentro de lo malo me parece más correcta que las otras dos (la primera seguro que no es).

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