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Well, my topic is eating habits and I’d like to tell you my opinión about the eating habits of Spanish people. The first thing I’d like to say is that the eating habits of Spanish people have changed in the last few years. I personally think that there are two main reasons: on of them is that some people don’t have the workplace near their homes, so they don’t have enough time to go to have lunch at home. Therefore, they have to eat quickly in fast food restaurants such as Burger King, Mc Donalds, which don’t provide as healthy food as they say. The second reason is that this fast food is cheaper and people prefer to eat it and sabe money due to the economic crisis.

As regards the Mediterranean diet, most experts agree that it’s particularly beneficial. And I think so, because it has some characteristics that are healthy. For example, with a Mediterranean diet we can eat fresh vegetables, olive oil and some fruits like apples, banana, peaches and other more. In my opinión this diet has a lot of vitamins a, b, c and above all, vitamin E that is considered as a powerful antioxidant. Besides, we can get a lot of minerals by this diet.

Regarding the restaurant that offer “healthier” menús, I’d like to say that I’m not so sure about this. I personally think that most restaurant are more interested on offering a good price in their menús than controlling the quality of the food they provide. However, it’s certain that most restaurants offer salad in their menús, which is a healthy dish.

I agree with the fact that doctors are worried about what children and teenagers eat. We can hear from the news that there are a lot of children that have overweight problems. Doctors say that this is not good because they could develop a chronical illness related to the cardiovascular system or cholesterol. I personally think that some things could be done to change the situation. One of them is that government should promote doing exercise or making campaigns to explain the risk of a unhealthy diet. Regards the dinning rooms in primary or even secondary school, I think that government should make more control about the food they provide.

In conclusión, I personally think that people should be more concerned about their eating habits because it can influence in their quality of life. Here we have the Mediterranean diet, so let’s benefit from its advantages in our health!.

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De acuerdo, ahora lo leo y te digo los errores...

En la tercera oración (en la 3ª línea) has puesto 'on' en vez de 'one', justo después de los dos puntos (:). Y en la penúltima línea del primer párrafo has escrito el verbo 'to sabe' con B cuando es con V.

En el segundo párrafo, en la 3ª línea, creo que deberías terminar la enumeración con la conjunción 'y', que en inglés es 'and'. En esa misma línea tienes otros fallos. Le pusiste una tilde a 'opinion', seguramente porque el corrector de Todoexpertos te lo ha puesto después de que lo escribieras (acaba de pasarme igual). Y creo que las vitaminas A, B, C, etc. se escriben con mayúscula.

Y en el penúltimo párrafo, en la 1ª línea, tienes que escribir 'an unhealthy', ya que la palabra 'unhealthy' empieza por vocal. Por eso el artículo que se escribe delante es 'an', no 'a', ya que el artículo 'a' solo se usa cuando el primer fonema de la siguiente palabra no corresponde con el de una vocal.

En el penúltimo párrafo has vuelto a escribir una palabra con tilde: 'conclusion'. Y al final de la última oración pusiste un punto después del signo de exclamación, que es incorrecto.

Como último, veo que has usado las contracciones en toda la redacción, que al ser un texto más formal debería de escribirse sin contracciones. Por ejemplo, has puesto I'd en vez de I would o I'm en vez de I am. Deberías de escribir la redacción sin usar ninguna contracción.

Estos son todos los fallos que he encontrado.


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I think you raise some excellent points about the changing eating habits in Spain! The increasing distance between work and home definitely seems like a significant factor driving people towards quicker, less healthy options like fast food. It's a shame that convenience and cost often trump nutrition, especially with misleading claims about healthiness from these chains.


I completely agree with the point above in the article. We can join hands to contribute to making the world a better place mapquest driving directions

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