¿Is it difficult for you to desing websites?

My boyfriend is a computer scientist, but there is one job that he himself has repeatedly told me that he hates to do, is to design a website. When he got a job a week ago, he didn't have much idea what it would be about and what he would have to do, it turns out that on his first day he found out that one of his responsibilities is to build and design websites for different clients of the company. Business. However, he was reassured when he learned that much of his work was made easier with the use of web page templates. The ones they used were those of Helpscout Elements, because according to the company and later my boyfriend confirmed it to me, they are quite easy to use and also the final result is unbeatable, in fact if it is of interest to someone I will leave the link so that they click here and get to know the world of web templates.

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