How to light the pilot light on Cointra Godesia cl-13

It is difficult to light the pilot light. I do not have the instruction manual.

The pilot light goes out when we have a shower!

Please help!

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Sorry for my English, is not an hight level my main laguage is spanish.

¿Do you have problems to begin to flame the pilot when you push the start button or the flame start ok but turn off when you open water?

Thank you, your English is very good!

The ignition button will not work, we use a lighter (that we use for candles), but it takes many times before it lights. The unit is new, so it should work properly.

The gas cuts off when the shower is being used, which is horrible! - any comments would be appreciated.



Is more or less normal to use a lighter for ignition, some time you must press ignition button 15 or 20 times before it work, so many people use the lighter...

The gas cuts off in the shower because this model need 3 liters/min to start and keep the flame when you mix hot water and cool water in the shower many times use less than 3 liters, The solution is turn the flame power control to the minimun flame position and the second control turned on the right (clockwise).

With this solution the water is less hot and you need to use more liters in the shower.

I hope you solve your probles if you need more help please ask me.

Best regards.


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