My friend has a cointra essential 24e combination boiler , when the taps are on the water goes very hot then cold constantly ?

Cointra essential 24e combi boiler running hot and cold through the hot tap when hot is turned on any ideas please

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Hi Phil,

First of all i need some info from you,

On which type of gas is running? Butano, ¿Propano o Gas Ciudad?

If you are using a gas bottle(Butano) and you have a reduction Cap on it, try to move the lever open and close several times cos they get easily stuck with grease and dirt having difficulties to let the right amount of gas into the boiler at any given time.

Also, ¿in which area are you located? If you are at the mediterranean or southern coast of Spain, you might experience quite a lot of sand and lime deposit into the system due to hard water and repairs in the supply lines. In that case boiler must be serviced and a chemical cleansing needed.

Check inlet water pressure into the boiler is not to high. If necessary reduce amount of pressure by closing water main inlet valve as much as needed while opening any tap, preferable the one is given trouble.

Make sure to set up the right temperature to a bit higher position than it is right now on the boiler.

In ultimate case you could try to reset the boiler, just follow the instruction on users manual.

Check the diffuser and filter inside the tap if clean. For testing purpose remove this diffuser and see what happens while demanding hot water.

Check if you see any error code on display. This code will give you an idea of possible defect. In case no error code appears then boiler is working fine and the problem must be extern. Sort of lime or low pressure.

If the problem continues it might be problems with the membrane (membrana) or the 3 ways valve and need to be serviced by a professional preferible from the official technical office from  the manufacturer. (SAT = Servicio Atención Técnica)

If boiler still under warranty do not hesitate to ring them and you will better off, less hassle and almost free of charge(some services charge for mileage, you better ask beforehand)

If you need more info, don't hesitate to let us know.

Best of luck.

¡Gracias! I have had a technical services engineer out to see it and he said he replaced the ignition board , but it is still doing the same have put a complaint into technical services department but no response at all . The boiler is on butano piped from large tank on a golf course complex if this helps

¿A golf course ... at the cost in Andalusia, Levante, Catalonia?

¿How many square meters have your place? If it a long water line from the boiler to the last tap it could be to far for the whole system to work properly.

Check the reductor valve if you can close and open several times to wake it up. It is far fetched but anything is possible.

I you have the time and strength check that taps water diffusers to see they are clean and well. This is mostly the cause of those sort of problems every single time.

If there is no change just let the SAT come back and repair the previous repair. If they cant solve the problem after 3 or more times, keep complaining to the reseller and the manufacturer until they change the unit for another new one. Retailers and brands hate complains and possible loss of future customers.

But before anything else, just check those taps as I told you earlier. 

Let us know how you progress.

Hi karayudo i have cleaned all the tap filters and problem still the same it is a golf course in alicante Alenda golf monforte del sid thanks

I was afraid of that... Alicante is well known for their poor water quality. It could be lime into the system specially around the heat exchanger.

Again, by the water meter has to be a stop valve, try to reduce it as much as you can while maintaining a reasonable flow of water out of the tap.

¿Did the boiler work correctly from day one or never did?

If it worked just fine after installation then call the SAT.

If never did, just demand repair and in case they still  don't solve the problem, demand a new unit o a full refund. On another note, insurance won't cover scale damage or lime disruption unless explicitly named in your house insurance policy. Check that out before you make a claim to retailer or manufacturer.

I like to point out that you should have a filter installed to prevent further damage to all water appliances on the premises. If they don't have it you better install one at your apartment or bungalow. It will repay itself in no time and they are quite cheap online or at your local supplier. 

Hi karayudo thank you very much for your advice and patience replying to me i will call SAT again as i still haven't  heard back from the last time thanks again

All the best 2 U.


¿What is the error code in display the voiler? ¿You open the tap and first very hot water and later cold water? ¿Is correct?


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