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Re-Phrase these sentences starting with I wish...
        She never told me when she was upset
a. I wish she had told me when she was upset
b. I didn`t ask her about her problems
c. Her other friends didn't want me in their group.
d. They said horrible things about me
e. I forgot her birthday
f. I wasn't strong enough to keep our friendship going
2. Do you have any regrets? Of course you do! Talk about one thing in your life you wish you hadn't done, and one thing you wish you has ( aqui quiero  que me expliques como comienzo a escribir, puede ser con un ejemplo)
3. What "idiosyncrasies" do you find irritating in other people?
     Which of these people would really annoy you?
- He plays nothing but rap music
- She loves to complain and criticize- she's always negative
- She doesn't really listen when you speak to her
- he stops in front of every mirror and look at himself
- He cannot accept any sort of criticism. He is always right
- She leaves her clothes everywhere around the house
- She never wants to eat the same thing as everyone else.

1 Respuesta

1. No es claro el ejercicio.
2. Puedes empezar así: I wish had not to... (desearía no haber...)
     I wish ...( deseo que) / I wish have to (deseo tener que...)
3. No es posible responder, sino sé tus opiniones o gustos
4. ¿Qué se debe hacer? ( Y hay frases con errores)

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