How do I block gambling ads on YouTube?

¿Is there some reliable way to get rid of it?

Thanx in advance

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Most of the methods wont work properly I guess. That is why it is better to stop all types of online ads, including adverts for gambling and dating by installing a powerful ad blocker. AdLock has all the features you need to browse the Web comfortably, as it uses up-to-date filters lists to detect any kind of static or video ad and adjusts your page accordingly, without any loss in usability. I can guarantee that it really works.


Ad blocking is all about removing ads from the experience, either by hiding them or completely disabling them from loading in the first place.

It's usually done using browser plugins and the first approach is to filter stuff at the network level. When you load a website, there are often hundreds of requests in the HTML code of the page to get things like images, formatting styles, and javascript - a lot of which is for ad providers and other 3rd party services.

The plugin can just stop these requests from ever happening by looking at the domain or IP address that it's going to and filtering it out. This is very effective since the ad server never gets contacted so there's no way for the ad to load. As far as the ad network knows, that page never loaded and there was never an impression.


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