How do I report a scam broker and get my money back or is that even possible?

Nothing is impossible. Yes you can report a scam broker and also get your money back with the help of a cyber forensic expert. A lot of victims out there lose their money to fake and fraudulent brokers almost on daily basis. Some victims are courageous enough to go after their money and get it back while most would rather remain docile and accept defeat while convincing themselves mentally and psychologically that it is impossible to recover their money.

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Hi, I am pretty sure you can report in such cases and get a chance to return your money back. I know how frustrating it can be but please no worries. Check out this trading scam  for instance. There is a wide range of reviews on scam brokers both you can rely on and avoid. Plus you can report about a scam directly from the website, which is quite handy. Be ready to undertake all necessary steps to get your money back. Good luck


Any broker that is devoid of license and offers you trading privileges do not go with them. It is like riding pillion with someone who does not have a license of the vehicle. And you the consequence. A challan is always lurking. So, any foreign exchange broker that is unable to provide proof of a license steer clear of them.

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