Problema con Oracle 8i

Hola, necesito que me ayuden a crear una Base de datos en oracle que esta bajo Windows XP...por favor es bien importante porque he hecho de todo y aun no me reconoce.

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Te adjunto una nota tecnica al respecto:
Windows NT/2000/XP: Quick Start Guide - 8i - 9i RDBMS
This document is designed to be a quick reference that can be used when
installing either Oracle 8i or Oracle 9i on the Windows NT/2000/XP platform.
It is NOT designed to take the place of the installation guide. Please
refer to the Installation Guide, IG, for additional information on any of the
steps listed below.
Quick and easy steps for installing Oracle 8i or 9i on Windows NT/2000/XP.
Each step should be done in the order that it is listed. These steps are the
bare minimum that is necessary for a typical install of the product.
Verification of Version Certification:
Steps required to verify the version of Oracle is certified with the version
of the Operating System.
1. Enter into a web browser
2. Click button labeled "Certify & Availability"
3. Click button labeled "Certifications"
4. Click link "View Certifications by Product"
5. Select "Oracle Server" ... Click Submit
6. Select "Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition" or
"Oracle Server - Standard Edition/Workgroup Server" ... Click Submit
7. Select "Microsoft Windows 2000" or
"Microsoft Windows NT for Intel" or
"Microsoft Windows XP"... Click Submit
8. Select the version of Oracle ... Click Submit
9. Check the column "Status" for Certification Status
10. Click link "Yes" in the column "Addtl. Info." for Patchset information.
Pre-requisite Requirements for System Administrator:
For assistance with system administration issues please contact your NT
system administrator or Operating System, O/S, vendor.
1. Suggested minimum system resources:
Ensure that the system has at least the following resources:
Operating System
Windows NT 4.0, Service Pack 5.0 or higher
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Physical Memory (RAM) 256 MB
Virtual Memory Initial 200 MB, Maximum 400 MB
Pentium 233 / Pentium 266 or higher
Drive Space
FAT file system 4.5 GB
NTFS file system 2.75 GB
Temp Space 400 MB
256 Color or greater
Installation steps
1. Start the Installer and Install the Oracle Software:
- Insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive
If autorun is configured, the installer will start automatically
To manually start the installer, double-click on cd:\setup.exe
- From the welcome screen, select NEXT
? From the File Location screen, select NEXT
* Select "Enterprise Edition" for the Install Category.
* Select Typical to install the software, create a database and start
the database (Other selections are available for minimal or custom
- Follow on screen prompts
* The install will begin.

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