How to learn English well?

¿Why do you need English? If it’s just for show, then I’ll disappoint: nothing will work. No, of course, you will improve your level of language proficiency, but without constant practice, you will lose your skills at the speed of a sled launched down the mountain.

English cannot be learned once and for all. Even in their native language, people start making mistakes when they stop improving it. Philologists make spelling mistakes, not to mention punctuation and stylistic ones. I myself am wrong.

In a foreign language, this is even more pronounced. So, for example, my French went into an almost nascent state because it wasn't used after school.

It makes no sense to learn English just for the sake of "to be" or "for prestige" or "to be no worse than others."

✅ Solution: set a goal

First of all, it gives motivation that will move and will not allow you to shirk.

Also, the goal helps to evaluate the result. After all, ¿what is "I want to learn English"? ¿How to determine that he has already "learned"? It is quite another thing when you know what awaits you at the finish line.

And, most importantly, goal setting guarantees practice. Because you will use the language for its intended purpose.

Goal examples:

Pass the Cambridge exam. For example, FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS. Such an exam objectively confirms the level of language proficiency in all parameters: listening (listening and understanding speech), speaking, reading, writing. The trick is that it is already difficult to stop there. And you will certainly want to prepare for the next exam after successfully passing the previous one.

Get a promotion at work. This means that the language you will use to solve work problems. Not only will it not be forgotten, but it will also improve in the course of practice.
For admission to a foreign university. One of the best goals, because after reaching the required level for the university, the language will only improve in the process of learning.
Move abroad. If this is a country where one of the official languages is English, then the practice is guaranteed.
Expand your circle of acquaintances. I mean English-speaking interlocutors.

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To learn English well, immerse yourself in the language through consistent practice and exposure. Engage in daily reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities. Utilize resources like books, movies, podcasts, and language apps to enhance your understanding and vocabulary. Additionally, practice speaking with native speakers or join language exchange programs to improve fluency and pronunciation.

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