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Music moguls: Masters of pop. 1.Money makers. BBC Four, January 15th 2016. 60 minutes
Nowadays, artists such as Justin Bieber or Adele are playing daily in the charts. However, not only their talent is important, but also how they manage their opportunities. In order to maximize their faculties, there are many people behind who work hard every day. They are the managers.
This documentary broadcasted on BBC Four and presented by Simon Napier-Bell narrates the insides of the music world, revealing the secret of the success from the point of view of those who control the careers of famous artists. It begins with the 60's and Elvis's manager Colonel Parker until Justin Biever's one, Scooter Braun. Moreover, it is noteworthy the appereance of important people like Oldham, manager of the Rolling Stones or Peter Grant, manager of Led Zeppelin.
Unsurprisingly, as it is a documentary related to music, the music itself plays an important role. Pieces of songs from the bands named are sounding throughout the documentary as well as pictures of concerts, rehearsals and fans constantly appear. Hence, it's not just interviews of managers, but lively moments of music life, making it an entertaining program while informative. In addition, It introduces a journey through all successful music bands from the 60's to the present time, which can enrich us culturally.
Summarizing, I would recommend this documentary to anyone who is keen on music, but also those who want to disconnect from daily life discovering how it is possible to take a band from scratch and make it one of the biggest bands in the world or how managers construct images of the singers in terms of what can succeed at the time.

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Appearance, nooks and crannies (not insides)

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