Can i have alchol and anal sex

My wife had an incomplete abortion and Sirugia had already 12 days that happened but she wants to drink alchol ohh came and have sex but anal can ohh no?

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Hi again Miguel Lopez

An anal sex relationship does not have any consequences in relation to abortion, as I mentioned on February 10, and if her doctor, who has her medical history (and we obviously do not), allows her to consume alcohol, I do not see No reason for you to worry about it.

Maybe you should worry about having sex, whether vaginal, anal, oral or otherwise, without your participation, but that was not the subject of the question.

You may not have noticed that this is a forum where we write and respond in Spanish, English is not really used, and if you do it to presume that you know the language and/or that you live under the Copetes regime, with the translators in-line makes the first claim unnecessary and most would be sorry for the second.

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