Manual para programar un control remoto sony

Necesito programar un control remoto sony, ¿pero no tengo el manual podrias ayudarme?. Es un SONY RM-

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1 - 33k - 89k - 26k - 101k RM-V12 Setup Extra instructions for the RM-V12 using codes from the RM-V8 Sony RM-V8
For some reason or other, very few people on the Internet kept their instruction booklet for the Sony RM-V8 Remote Commander. :-) And when someone changes their batteries or gets a new TV or VCR , well, they're kinda stuck without the Remote Codes and instructions. Not really a Universal Remote Control after that -- more like a Universal Dust Collector.
Don't bother checking the Sony website or contacting their tech support. They helpfully suggest that you purchase a new booklet and give you a snail mail address. Sigh.
Which is why this page came into existence. Don Gottschalk, who found out about me from posts on the Gadget Guru Forum (now defunct), first suggested that we scan and upload the instruction booklet (with full copyrights ascribed to Sony, 1996, natch). (Note: additional credit for cutting loading time of this goes to John Teffer for his help with the thumbnails.)
So there you go -- I'm happy to serve! Click on the thumbnails to get the enlarged version. Unfortunately, these are the best quality that I could get (for the server space I have). If you have any problems reading something, just drop me an e-mail (link below) and I'll do my best to help out. Assuming, of course, that I can find my original hard copy. :-)
And after you've solved your remote control problems, ¿why don't you take a stroll around my personal website (links at the bottom of the page)? I'm glad you stopped by!
Just another servant,
Gary Bond
St. Louis, MO
PS -- I have been told that these codes also work with the Sony RM-V7, RM-V12*, and the RM-V22. But if you're looking for codes and/or instructions for another remote control and mine don't work, try going to:
Universal Remote Control Codes
* -- The codes work with the RM-V12 but instructions for entering the codes are a little different. Click here for the special instructions (thanks to Tim Godbee!).
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