Hola, el antivirus bitdefender que es el que tengo instalado me ha detectado el siguiente trojan Trojan.Adware.Xplugin.A.
¿que es? Y ¿como puedo eliminarlo? Es un programa espia o algo parecido. Gracias

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Program Name Risk Assessment
Adware- Corporate User : N/A
Home User : N/A
Program Information
Discovery Date:
Origin: Unknown
Length: Varies
Type: Program
SubType: Adware
Minimum DAT:
Release Date: N/A
Minimum Engine: N/A
Description Added: 09/27/2002
Description Modified: 06/30/2003 12:04 AM (PT)
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Program Characteristics
Method Of Infection
Removal Instructions
Variants / Aliases
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Program Characteristics:
This category contains programs which download and/or display advertisements to the user. Usually they do not collect personal information, but some people still have objections to this type of program, so it is a detection of the "program" type (under which non-malicious but sometimes unwanted objects are detected).
Detection of the "Program" type is not normally activated. Users who would like to check for the presence of this kind of files on their system can run the command line scanner with the /PROGRAM switch.
Please note that VirusScan 7 has also an option, which enables users to detect this kind of program automatically (see below).
Sometimes removing the Adware causes the ad-supported program to stop working, so we recommend that users consider if they really want to remove the adware. We also recommend using the Adware's Add/Remove programs entry if you decide to remove it. If there is no uninstall program, try searching on the Internet for instructions.
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Usually the program that installs the Adware discloses the fact that it is ad-supported. Seeing pop-ups on places that do not have pop-ups is another sign. Some users report that some Adware causes conflicts with other software.
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Method Of Infection
Adware is usually bundled with another program, and the user usually agrees to have the Adware installed in the license agreement. Another method is to have the Adware offered on a website via ActiveX.
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Removal Instructions
For VirusScan 4.x users who would like to detect this program on their system, they can run the command line scanner with the /PROGRAM switch.
Click the START button
Click RUN
Type COMMAND and hit ENTER
c:\progra~1\common~1\networ~1\viruss~1\4.0.xx\scan.exe c: /program /sub
and hit ENTER.
Users running VirusScan 7 or later can also enable application or joke detection via the configuration option "Find potentially unwanted programs" (Advanced section - see example below), within the VirusScan GUI as shown below:
Corporate Users:
This applies for the VirusScan 7 Enterprise On-Access scanner too.
Retail Users:
This does not apply for the VirusScan 7 Retail On-Access scanner.
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