CS3 a midi

Necesito convertir la extensión CS3 del secuenciador de canciones
del teclado Casio WK 1800 a formato MIDI. Como hago...

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lo cierto es que no lo sé, lo único que he encontrado es esto, lo he sacado de http://www.hitsquad.com/smm/programs/MIDI_File_Converter/wwwboard/messages/560.html
Ok, here's what I have done to convert CS3's to MIDI. This is what you'll need. First, you need a way to connect your wk1800 to your pc ( midi-pc-cable or DAI ). Then you need to go to MIDILocator.com and download the MIDI Locator. This is a free midi sequencing proramg, it suck's big time but it has one feature that is unusual. It can record multiple tracks at the same time and split them after. So once you have the program all you have to do is make sure your 1800 is set to allow the AutoAcomp. To be sent as MIDI data. Do this by Pressing the TUNE/MIDI button on the right side od your board, then scroll down untill it says ACOMPOUT and turn it on. Then put the MIDI Locator program recording and put your CS3 file playing at the same time so that the program records your song as it's being played. After it's finished right click on the track and click on Split Track. And there you go your CS3 is a midi. Sometimes the Auto Acomp.'s all record in piano, just chang them back to what you want after if they do. It's really easy once you do it and see. It's the only way that I have found to convert the files.
Now to play any MIDI File on the 1800 you have to convert it to MIDI 0. You can convert ANY MIDI file to MIDI 0 with this small program. It's called "MidiType" you can get it from a few sites like this one. http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Gallery/5319/music/music.html Or E-mail me and I'll send it to you.
I hope that this helps some. Feel free to Email me if you need, and I'll try to help you if I can :-} .
PS. Voyetra ! SUCKS! It works fine and is easy to use but the sound value and featrutes reack.

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