From a selling perspective, which site is better, Etsy or eBay?

Customer Service: You need to go the extra mile which the other Etsy sellers are not willing to take and what I mean by this is if you receive a question about your services or any particular product that you sell you need to respond faster. This thing will help you to get sales and reviews.

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Hi, It seems to me that I have smth for you. All you need to do is to follow this complete guide about ebay vs etsy I have been using it recently and should say I have found a lot of tips and they really work!  Hope it will make sense for you


Sell on amazon. Yes it will require capital for inventory. Yes it will require hard work and time. You can sell used items or new items. You can have amazon fulfill the orders or you can ship them yourself. You do your own private label product or buy from stores, wholesalers and distributors. It will take money for inventory, and software is helpful but not necessary.

Get a merch By amazon account. In just three months of starting on Merch I built a business that now makes me thousands a year in passive income. I create shirt designs, load them on my account and create the listings and amazon pays me when they sell. I don’t see touch or handle any inventory or printing. They do it all and pay me royalties for each sale. You can also do this with hundreds of other POD sites.

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