Where can I watch Indian TV channels live in the USA?

Where can I watch Indian TV channels live in the USA? Please give some idea.  Out of the many live tv streaming apps, i usually prefer YuppTV for streaming live Indian TV channels when i’m outside the country. It usually provides best packages, and the best video quality. There is another section “Catch Up TV” where we can watch the missed out episodes/TV shows. But it stopped to work for me at all.  I know that there are many providers in USA who are broadcasting Indian TV channels in USA like YuppTV, Sling, Jadoo Tv and many more. Out of these YuppTV and Sling are far better when compared to other providers.

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The best one is Watch LIVE Indian TV Channels then comes Yupp tv both are very good however, best thing about Myindian tv is their support they offer not like any other iptv.


You can use Thop TV, Mobdro, Cyberflix TV, and Cinema HD. These are the free apps for all android devices. You might seen some premium services like Netflix, Prime, Vudu, and Aha are bit expensive. I recommend using freemium services and that are regular and HQ links.

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Well, I believe you can give a try to infomir. You see, I hooked up mag  android box https://www.infomir.eu/eng/products/iptv-stb/  This is a new opportunity for any TV! I can watch movies in great quality and with great surround sound! Movies are available at any time convenient for me! Simply read some reviews and visit their official website. Good luck


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Puedes buscar en Google "TV show India" o "TV.in" para buscar sitios para ver programas de TV de India. Además, es mejor que uses alguna VPN para que puedas saltarte algunas restricciones regionales. Aquí tienes 3 descargadores de HLS para para descargar programas de televisión de la India si lo desea.



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There is an app called Cinema HD V2 APK. This app provides free content worldwide and streams movies and TV shows in high quality. You can try this app to watch Indian TV content in the USA.

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