3d Studio Max R3

Necesito conocer recursos minimos del ordanador, para la insalación del 3D Studio Max R3. Gracias

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Windows System Requirements
System requirements
Intel®-compatible processor at 200 MHz minimum (thoroughly multi-threaded to take full advantage of multiple processor systems; dual Pentium® II system recommended) 128 MB RAM minimum 250 MB HD Swap File (amount depends on scene complexity) Graphics card supporting 1024x768x16-bit color. (OpenGL and Direct3D hardware acceleration supported, 24-bit color 3D graphics accelerator preferred)
Windows-compliant pointing device. (Specific optimization for Microsoft IntellimouseT) CD-ROM drive Optional: sound card and speakers, cabling for TCP/IP-compliant network, 3D hardware graphics acceleration, video input and output devices, joystick, midi-instruments, 3-button mouse.

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