Exportar performance monitor a csv desde winnt

Existe algun comando para exportar el grafico de performance monitor a formato csv???
algo asi como el dumpel que exporta el log del visor de eventos.

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We can save the setting of the chart, in terms of Objects, Counters, scale, color and style by selecting File | Save Chart Settings As. The file will have .pmc as its extension, where .pmc is performance monitor chart. The interesting thing is that the PMC file you've saved not only keeps all the settings you've selected, but it also can be launched and trigger the Chart to go off again. If you want to export the Chart to a spreadsheet, which has a .csv extension, select File | Export Chart. From here, you must select the extension .csv. However, don't expect to have all of the data from the beginning. Regardless, even if you have let the Performance Monitor run like this for hours, the file will only have roughly one minute and 50 seconds worth of data. ¿Why is that? It's because, by default, the chart's update interval is set to one second, and it takes approximately a minute and 45 seconds, or so, for the graph to travel a full screen. Therefore, it will only remember data in that period. Select Option | Chart.
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