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A qué tipo de productos o servicios encaja mejor la herramienta CRM?

Sure, here is the translation of the text you provided: ¿What types of products or services does a CRM tool fit best with? A CRM tool is best suited for products or services that require close customer relationship management (CRM). This includes...
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Mejor Software o Plataforma seguimiento GPS

Finding a ready-made solution in the field of fleet management software is not an easy task. Although the need for FMS is growing because fleet management software can significantly reduce vehicle operating expenses (OPEX). It can improve everything...
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How much does mobile application development cost in general for a business app?

In general, it is difficult to clearly say at once the cost of developing an application. It depends on many factors (such as the platform on which the application is created, functions, location of developers). Therefore, the budget for making an...
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Flutter App Development Cost: Factors, Budget AND Expenses?

Thank you. This post was very helpful for me. I read a lot of new information on what the cost of flutter app development depends on. Maybe someone will be interested to read additional information...