How to find a dating site

Hello everyone. It’s quite difficult for me to accept the fact that I’ve been living alone for about five years. Therefore, could you lease share with me  dating site where I can find someone? Probably threesome


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Unfortunately, I also encountered the same difficulty as I can't find the appropriate source for couples. Therefore, I really hope that someone will help us solve such a problem


To be honest, finding the right platform does take some of the time. I also couldn't find anything optimal for myself until my friend gave me some advice. By the way, in this case I would also like to contribute here and recommend you these apps for threesomes where it is possible to choose a dating site for couples that you can read and then use to search for a patner. I hope you enjoy using it too.


Since the swinging days, I've always loved the bi threesome. I've had one-on-ones with men (even our husband when we were home alone and horny) but my greatest pleasure is in the MMF threesome (resource: I love sloppy seconds, sharing a cock with her. I don't seek a guy for single sex. We've been together since 1998 - 22 years now.

So, we're not always in a threesome. I like the extra excitement I feel when we share past experiences as we have couples sex. We had a well endowed black friend for many years. To help me get off, I ask her to tell me how it felt taking his much larger cock.

I think my story just illustrates how different we all can be. My "bi" is different from the next guy.

Hope all goes well with you and thank you to all the other bi guys who commented.


I haven't dated anyone for a long time and I would like to change that. ¿What is the best way to meet and start a relationship right now?I haven't dated anyone for a long time and I would like to change that. ¿What is the best way to meet and start a relationship right now?


Good evening buddy. I think dating sites are the best solution as I used them too and everything went great. If you are looking for a relationship, you should try I know this for sure, since my friend and I used it when we had difficult months in search of beautiful girls.

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