What is the most attractive thing about Los Angeles?

You know that I am very close to Los Angeles which makes me think that in a few weeks after finishing my work I will be able to take a little getaway for the Christmas holidays. As Christmas is approaching I can ask for a few days to enjoy all the atmosphere that is woven everywhere, at home, in the streets, I want to have a good time and this time it will be different. I am also looking for company because my partner works there and we haven't seen each other for a few months. He has told me that some of the things to do in Los Angeles at Christmas is to enjoy the winter shows, and fireworks shows which I love and fills me with excitement such as celebrating with Harry Potter, no Grinch, no Christmas, a Christmas movie, Christmas flavors, and a musical, very Christmasy. Well I already have a good time and I will take the ForLosangelesLovers website with me, it really is fantastic for travel.

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