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Gracias por responder a mi pregunta anterior. Ahora me gustaría saber si una vez he generado un informe (un rpt) con Crystal Report y lo he publicado en un servidor Web, puedo acceder a él y visualizarlo mediante páginas jsp. En la publicidad del producto dice que: " Enhanced Report Viewer for Java has been updated to use Sun's Java 2.0 runtime environment ", pero no especifica más. Ya se que esta no es tu especialidad pero tal vez hayas oido o visto algo.

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Esto es lo que encontré:
As a Java applet, the Crystal Smart Viewer can be added to a web page using the standard HTML tag APPLET. The name of the public class exposed by the applet is ReportViewer. Thus, the following code displays the Crystal Smart Viewer for Java:
<title>Seagate Crystal Smart Viewer for Java</title>
<body bgcolor=C6C6C6>
<applet code=com.seagatesoftware.img.ReportViewer.ReportViewer
<param name=Language value="en">
<param name=ReportName value="empprof.rpt">
<param name=ReportParameter value="">
<param name=SelectionFormula value="">
<param name=HasGroupTree value="true">
<param name=ShowGroupTree value="true">
<param name=HasRefreshButton value="true">
<param name=HasPrintButton value="true">
<param name=HasExportButton value="true">
<param name=HasTextSearchControls value="true">
<param name=CanDrillDown value="true">
<param name=PromptOnRefresh value="true">
When you install the Crystal Web Report Server, all class files for the applet are installed in the \Seagate Software\viewers\JavaViewer directory, by default.
In addition, the Crystal Smart Viewer for Java provides several optional parameters to customize the look of the viewer and to control its functionality. Apply values to these parameters using the standard PARAM tag in your HTML code.
The Crystal Smart Viewer for Java provides the following parameters:
N HasGroupTree
Indicates whether or not the viewer generates a Group Tree for the report. Does not indicate whether or not the Group Tree is displayed. Use TRUE to generate a Group Tree, FALSE to prevent a Group Tree from being generated.
N HasRefreshButton
Indicates whether or not a Refresh button is available in the viewer to allow the user to refresh report data. Use TRUE to allow users to refresh report data, FALSE to prevent users from refreshing report data.
N ReportName
Specifies the report to be displayed inside the viewer. The path must be a URL on the same server as the HTML document and must appear inside quotation marks.
N ShowGroupTree
Indicates whether or not the Group Tree is displayed when the viewer first appears. If the HasGroupTree parameter is set to false, this parameter is ignored. If the Group Tree is hidden, the user can display it by clicking the Toggle Group Tree button in the viewer. Use TRUE to display the Group Tree, FALSE to hide the Group Tree.
n Language
specifies the language the operating system is using
n ReportParameter
Can specify report parameters such as Crystal parameter fields and Stored Procedures using the regular web reports server commands such as prompt#=
n SelectionFormula
Can specify a Crystal Selection Formula here using the web reports server command sf=
n HasPrintButton
if set to True the Print icon will appear in the Viewers Toolbar. If set to False the print icon will not appear and the end user will not have printing capability from the Viewer.
n HasExportButton
if set to True the Export icon will appear in the Viewers Toolbar if set to False user will be unable to export to the 4 supported formats, xls, doc, rtf and rpt.
n HasTextSearchControls
if set to True the Search icon and text box will appear in the Viewers Toolbar. If set to False search functions will not be available to the end user via the Viewer.
n CanDrillDown
if set to True end user will see a + when they mouse over a drill down area of the report. If set to False the end user will not be able to drill down on data in drill down reports.
n PromptOnRefresh
if set to True the end user will be prompted for parameters if refresh button is clicked in the Viewer, if set to False the end user will not be prompted and the values sent with the initial request will be used.

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