ORA-01562 y ORA-1628

Soy novato en la administración de Oracle y no se como resolver el siguiente problema: cuando se cargan datos en la base de datos me aparecen los siguientes errores:
ERROR : ORA-01562: fallo al ampliar numero de segmento de rollback 7 ORA-01628: alcanzado el numero maximo de extensiones (121) para el seg. De rollback.

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Soy LUMOSA. Te envio la documentacion ORACLE del los errores generados. En ellos encontraras la solucion a tu problema..
Error: ORA 1562
Text: failed to extend rollback segment (id = %s)
Cause: Failure occurred when trying to extent rollback segment
Action: This is normally followed by another error message that caused
the failure. Shutdown, restart and then take appropriate action for
the error the caused the failure. If starting up the system
again doesn't solve the problem, it is possible that there is
an active transaction in the rollback segment and the system
can't roll it back for some reasons. Check the trace file
generated by the PMON process for more information.
*** Important: The notes below are for experienced users - See [NOTE:22080.1]
ORA 1562 and Open Transactions in Rollback Segments [NOTE:29794.1]
El error ORA-1628 ES EL SIGUIENTE:
Error: ORA 1628
Text: max # of extents <num> reached for rollback segment <num >
Cause: An attempt was made to extend a rollback segment that already has
reached its maximum size or space could not be allocated in the data
dictionary to contain the definition of the object.
Action: If possible, increase the value of either the MAXEXTENTS or
PCTINCREASE initialization parameters or find the data dictionary
table lacking space and alter the storage parameters, as described in
the <Oracle7 Server Administrator's Guide>.

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