Miranto Electronics Engineer Help Desk Specialist * Summary
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Electronics Engineer
Help Desk Specialist
* Summary.
Goal oriented, Bilingual English/Spanish Network Administrator with strong experience on DOS, Novell, Windows 98, NT, 2000 and XP operating systems. Proficient with Help Desk issues and maintenance / repair of PCs and servers. I have taken care of a network (LAN and WiFi) of more than 100 nodes and a PBX system with more than 250 lines. I also have leadership ability and strong technical capabilities; and I?m well grounded in Mexican procedures and customs. The software tools I most recently used are: Novell Console One, Novell GroupWise, Remote Admin, RDP, HP Web Jet Admin, Audix, SUS (Windows updates and patches), ARCServe 9 (Servers backup), EZAudit (Inventories), SAP (Password resets and print queues), Symantec Antivirus, MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, FrontPage), Adobe (PageMaker, PhotoShop), Protel, MPLAB and others.
* Profesional Experience:
The Toro Company - 08/02 to 06/05
Network Administrator. I was in charge of the network maintenance, the servers and the 100+ computers in one production plant. I took care of the help desk and provided support to 110 to 120 end users, coordinating activities with MRO to buy new equipment and plan new strategies and network growth. This job needed lots of teamwork with other people across the USA because of its WAN structure and policies; procedure and policy enforcement was always a priority, along with quality service. I helped maintain 7 servers with Novell, Win2k and WinNT.
Accomplishments / Duties:
* Successful Network Administration using Novell Netware 6, Windows NT and Windows 2000.
* Successful Email Administration using Novell Groupwise 6.
* Wireless network configuration, maintenance and security.
* Help Desk coordinator, taking calls from 18/day down to 2-5/day through data analysis and forward planning.
* Desktop support, local and remote, hardware and software using Remote Administrator and RDP.
* SPAM, Pop-ups, spy ware, ad ware, mal ware, trojans, worms, intrusion and virus protection.
* Printers maintenance and basic troubleshooting using HP Web Jet Admin
* Telephone lines and PBX?s accounts setup using Audix system.
* Software patches, updates and upgrades scheduling.
* Network and workstations security and user policies enforcement.
* Keep and enforce the policies, procedures and standards of the Company.
* Successful servers and critical desktop computers backup using ARCServe 9.
SYSCOM - 02/98 to 03/02
Radio Systems Engineer. Developed new equipment to be sold with the principal merchandise of SYSCOM, which are two-way RF radios and wireless technology equipment. My job was to program micro controllers using Assembler for the new designs of the Engineering Department and end-user support through our Customer Service Line.
Accomplishments / Duties:
* Microcontroller PIC 16F876 programming using Assembler.
* PCB design using Protel
* Successful dealer support on new devices.
* Successful dealer training on wireless technologies.