$10,000 reward to get my Costa Rican marital assets back.

I am offering a $10,000 reward to the Costa Rica Lawyer or law student in family, civil or criminal arena, who can find me a legal solution to get me back my assets, 3 shares back of a Sociad Anonima, which owns a house in Playa Hermosa de Jaco, which was, is a marital asset but shares and books replaced under civil court by my ex husband.

The situation is this:

My ex husband, or rather his new wife, now controls my assets. A house built by marital assets and that he signed over to me when we split up.. All 6 shares of a corporation that owns this huge house and 2.5 acres of land in Playa Hermosa de Jaco. She (ex's new wife) supposedly under his approval, rents out the house, pays herself a management fee and won't allow me, the 50% shareholder, designated secretary, any profit or access to books for 15 years now.

They refuse to sell it for what it's worth. They offered me a financing deal, which was low and I rejected it.

The parties involved (me and my ex) are American. We had our child born in CR, had residency, he still lives there and I am now back in Canada.

We started to build the house together with our marital funds, in 1994 but we needed to separate. In 1998, in Costa Rica, my ex husband and I divorced ourselves with a handshake and sat in front of Lic Juan Carlos Chavez of Jaco and agreed to divide our assets. I got my husbands 3 shares, making it 6 shares of the corporation, and custody of my 4 year old Costa Rican born child, and my horse tour business and my husband got everything else of liquid-able value.

The exchange of division of assets was concluded and my ex husband took what we deemed his and he left in 1999. Then a year later, after I put in $40k to finish the house, he sent me via his new girlfriend/wife a notice of eviction, which I lost in the civil court of Jaco, as my lawyer didn't show up in civil court and his girlfriend was the translator.

Then in 2000, under another jurisdiction in family court I won, but under a case of violencia domestica, and proved ownership of the corporation and produced the 6 shares which had my name on them and my ex's signature, but on the front not on the back. I was in possession of the house, and my son living in it and so the courts said my ex could not evict me since I own it and so the corporate books were taken from my ex and given to me and I was told the house was now legally mine.

I transferred the shares, but it turned out that the judgment I won in family court was not complete, and my transferring allowed my ex and his wife to put a criminal case against me, saying I stole his shares.

With a criminal case now against me I had to get my son medical attention and exit the country, but I had to post bond to do so. Then once back in the USA, I was told there was a warrant out for my arrest and I couldn't get back.  I lost everything, bond, my car, the attic in the house full of assets and belongings, bank account and possession of my home.

Not able to get back to CR I sued for divorce in Atlanta Georgia, where my son received medical treatment but the courts did not have jurisdiction over my assets, the house in Costa Rica, that was in my name, but now under their possession.

During this time, they (my ex and his girlfriend) went to family court and lied about my assets and fidelity, and I was denied alimony in Costa Rica.

They also went to civil court and had the corporate books and shares replaced since I could not get back to defend myself. To this day the new shares are not signed and I'm not allowed to see the corporate books, or have access to the corporate bank account or see profit or loss statements for the corporation.

In 2004 I was awarded only $250. In child support, as he claimed he made no money, then 8 years later got it increased to $750. And over 22 years, was not paid everything I was owed, alginaldo or school supplies.

In 2006 I lost the most recent case I had pending and was denied the increase despite that my ex now makes a verifiable income of $3500 a month.

I was finally able to get the criminal case removed as it was over the statute of limitations and now I can travel freely to Costa Rica again.

I will pay a $10,000 additional reward in US dollars to anyone who can win me a judgement or find a creative solution perhaps under the following grounds:

¿Are there any codes in family law in Costa Rica and are against a husband financially bullying his wife?

If the child, 22, depressed, dependent on me and and can't work, diagnosed with mental illness, be grounds to go back after the father for child support een though he doesn't go to school, as I still take care of the child with no support from his father.

Can a shareholder president give complete access to someone else without the 2nd share holder's permission and restrict access to their corporate partner and their corporation like this? I have no say as to money spent, rental income etc.

Can a family court overturn a civil court decision of replaced books and shares if the lawyer who was there can verify the original division of assets and allow me to receive my husband's 3 shares back?

My ex's new wife will not let my exhusband  see any of my correspondence, he refuses to speak with me, does not show up for corporate meetings (she won't let him) and she refuses to acknowledge the money I put in to the house to make any sale and repayment or division of the corporation fair. Is this grounds for 

Upon receipt of interest and code to start a case I would fly down to meet and pay a retainer to discuss and start of the cases.

On a side note, I would like to know if I can produce and discriminate the past cases or judgments and as I am writing a book on the subject. It's called "How to rip off your wife and kids in Costa Rica and get away with it."

Please forward this email to any lawyers or law students you feel could help.

Thank you.

Diana Douglas

cel/text 1-604-346-0789 (iphone to iphone international free calling)

Or 1-855-622-6780

[email protected] 

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