Want to check out my recommendation for a clip holster for your wide screen smartphone?

Hello everyone! I'm Paul, your Tech Guy. Today I just wanted to ask all of you if you will like what I have here. But first a little introduction. Yes of course nowadays a smartphone is a necessity we all have to admit that. We use it for work, as means of communication and a lot more. Have a smartphone gives all a lot of convenience, ¿there are even some person who when you ask what if smartphones never existed? Will just simple respond "I don't know" or "its impossible" it is because not all but some people has already accept a smart phone as part of their life and existence.
Okay, so now back to what I'm really dying to ask you guys. Because for me well protecting and making sure I don't get my phone lost is a priority so I have been carrying it around using a belt clip holster , I would like to ask for your opinion if you think such product will work for you. Well for me it really works out just wanted to know if I'm in the same page with some of you.
To tell you about this product I have made by Hengwin, they specialized in creating leather smart phone accessories such as phone holsters, pouches and bags. The one I got is a holster, 2 awesome carry options, 1 wearing it with by belt and if I'm not wearing a belt it has a belt clip I can use to hook it in to my pants or someplace convenient for me.
How about you if you are tying to protect your phone phone, would such product work out for you? ¿Do you think it is worth it? And if you have any recommendations please feel free to share them! Lets take on each others, advices, ideas and learn form each others experiences.

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