Why is it so important to choose the right SDLC model when establishing a system?

Is there any purpose of considering SDLC model into reality while developing any system. If yes then what are the key features to keep in mind and pros and cons while applying SDLC.

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First, it’s simply “choosing the correct SDLC". It's a broader issue of choosing the proper methodology which ought to be "Agile" (adaptive) or what many people loosely name"Waterfall" (plan-driven). The option to use a methodology should be appropriate to the nature of the given project and one of the important drivers of that is the level of uncertainty. For example, if you are selecting a relatively plan-driven model for a task with an excessive level of uncertainty, it will surely be very cumbersome and simply not provide the stage of adaptivity that is wished to match the situation.

SDLC's are normally related with plan-driven methodologies that have discrete phases. In that situation, a very important factor of an SDLC is that it gives a "road map" for all of us to understand what segment the project is in. Choosing the SDLC that is not suitable for a plan-driven mission will likely introduce useless paperwork and not provide enough level of management.

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